Outfit | Fields of Flowers

Outfit | Fields of Flowers

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Wow!  The last part of my trip has been amazing and I was not ready to come home.  I attended youth group with my older cousins and brothers.  Afterward I played cards with and met some great people who I am now privileged to call my friends.  A few days later, we celebrated my cousins 2nd birthday and had delicious Oreo chocolate cake and opened presents.  After his party, my cousins –Kaylyn and Jenna– and I started to get ready for a formal (which I will post pictures from soon).  There I got to meet some of their friends and dance the night away.  The next day my Grandpa came up from Alabama to visit us and so we went on a hike at Natchez Trace.  There we found a field of pretty wildflowers in which these pictures were taken.  The day after that, we went to church and afterward had a bonfire and s’mores with a friend.  The next day was bittersweet.  A few of us cousins went shopping with a friend but I was dreading the next day when I knew we would have to leave Tennessee and return home.  It’s not that I didn’t miss my friends here in Michigan, because I definitely did– but I don’t see my cousins as often as I would like and it feels like our trips to visit are always over too soon.  I wish I could have stayed a few days longer to attend youth group with them one more time and to be with my cousin on her birthday tomorrow.  But then if we stayed until then, I would want to stay a few more days and so on and so on.  I suppose that’s how it will always be when it comes to my cousins.

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Floral Shirt | Kohl’s

Jeans | JCPenney

Oxford Flats | Payless

Cardigan | Kohl’s

Pearl Earrings | Claire’s

Nail Polish | Essie  // Perennial Chic

Photography by Dan and Melissa Clark

Outfit | Au Revoir

Outfit | Au Revoir


Au revoir Traverse City!  I’m saying goodbye to the chilly weather and lingering snow for a few weeks as I head down to Tennessee to visit some family.   A few days ago (before I got sick) I thought it would be fun to dress up and use some props to play the part of traveling.  Growing up, I don’t remember ever traveling during spring break so I was crazy excited when I learned that this year, we would be.  I have been so busy lately with packing and such so I apologize for the lack of posts.  And just recently I developed a bothersome cold and pounding headache  :(  I have improved quite a bit but today after seeing that I had finished all my packing I spent some of my leisure time putting a logo together.  It was a fun little project that took a bit of effort but was totally worth it (and as you can see, I’m using it for my website)!  Drawing my logo and taking these photos were a fun way to kick off my spring break.  I can never resist vintage books or cameras or trunks and all together, they created the perfect scene for travel.  I plan on taking tons of pictures down in Tennessee and I can’t wait to share them.



Navy Polka Dot Dress | Old Navy

Black Belt | (from a friend)

White Tights | Target

Heels and Coat | Plato’s Closet

Props | (belong to my Mom)


Photography by Dan Clark