Outfit | Music City

Outfit | Music City


As you already know, we’ve been on vacation in Tennessee. Our first stop was Memphis, Tennessee where we visited my dad’s brother and family. We had so much fun playing card games and going to the park and zoo with my Aunt, Uncle and baby cousin.  Then on Monday we travelled a few hours to Columbia to visit my mom’s sister and her family. With our family and theirs combined, there are sixteen people in one house, but I absolutely love it. My two older cousins are around my age, and we all fit in similar size clothing so it’s been a fun week trying things on.

Yesterday I had the  privilege to visit Nashville, Tennessee– Music City.  I went with my parents to the Frothy Monkey where we met up with a fellow photographer, Rachel Moore and afterward did a mini photo shoot with her.  After her session, my parents and I enjoyed walking around downtown Nashville. We stopped at several locations to get some pictures of my outfit and my vibrant red dress created a beautiful contrast against the cityscape.

The dress that I wore for this photo session came from my cousins’  aunt and so unfortunately I don’t know exactly where she got it from. But I love it! The fabric is flowy and I adore the color. The only thing that I don’t absolutely love is the length. The dress cuts off right at the knee and that’s not really my style. If the dress was a inch shorter or longer, it would suit me better but even so, I truly fell in love with this dress. And I was so happy to wear it without tights or a cardigan. The weather is so different from Michigan. Even with the powerful wind yesterday, the heat overcame and I never found myself cold.  And so I’ve been enjoying the sun and hope to keep everyone posted about my trip.


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Dress | (from my cousins’ aunt)

Heels | Plato’s Closet

Photography by Dan Clark


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