Outfit | Pale Pink

Outfit | Pale Pink

VintagePink Sweater

Pink is not one of my most loved colors but over the years I have somehow managed to collect more and more clothing items of that color. I was shopping with my Mom the other day when I came across this lovely sweater. It is not a thick cozy sweater that I have been accustomed to wearing during the winter months, so it is perfect for the transition into spring. The weather has been so very warm lately, that I find myself daring to hope that our long hard winter has finally gone away. However, I will not allow myself to be surprised if we should receive more than one more blizzard, for that is the way Northern Michigan likes to work sometimes. So for the moment, I have an overflowing closet filled with both winter and spring clothes as the weather balances between the two.

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Sweater & Pants | Kohl’s

Shoes | Payless

Jewelry & Purse | Claire’s

Photography by Melissa Clark


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