Outfit | Seeking Spring

Outfit | Seeking Spring

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It’s never to early to go looking for spring. Unfortunately, we didn’t find it on this cold, windy day. It must be buried deep under the large piles of snow and ice. Still, I won’t give up hope and this is my outfit to inspire spring to hurry up and arrive. I’m tired of this dreary weather. The bright pastel colors are reminiscent of the spring and summertime. I eagerly look to warmer days when I can wear shorts and dresses without tights.

It may not be spring weather, but still, the temperature increase had us in an excitement. We headed out on a family walk and ventured through the snowy woods where my dad handed me the camera for a few minutes and I took a few pictures of the scenery surrounding us.

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Shorts | Aeropostale

Earrings | Claire’s

Converse | Target

Tights | Target

Ring | (from a friend)

Denim Shirt | Aeropostale

Backpack | Claire’s

Photography by Dan and Melissa



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