Outfit | Vintage Austen

Outfit | Vintage Austen

Vintage FashionFashion

Yes… I ventured out in the -4 degree weather to get pictures of my outfit, but it was totally worth it. Perhaps it’s the color, or maybe the style of the sleeves, but when I wear this dress, I feel somewhat like a modern Jane Austen. I love Jane Austen’s books and am constantly inspired by her when I’m writing my own, so it was such fun to dress up like a modern version of her or one of her characters. I could be Emma out for a stroll with Mr Knightley or perhaps Elizabeth on her way to admire Pemberley. There is such imagination behind each outfit.

And thank you to my lovely mother for styling my hair.

Women's FashionVintage outfitsVintage styleWomen's StyleVintage fashionFashion


Gloves | (gifted to me by my friend Autumn)

Dress | Goodwill 

Tights | Target

Shoes | Payless

Earrings | (a gift from my grandmother)

Hat | Goodwill

Photography by Dan and Melissa


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