Outfit | Valentine’s Day

Outfit | Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Fashion FashionVintage Hairstyle

In all honesty, I think Valentine’s Day is meh, but I use it as an excuse to dress up because what girl wouldn’t?

My dad was so wonderful, braving the cold to get a few shots for me. And boy, was it cold! In fact, just underneath that thin layer of powdery soft snow was concealed a sneaky sheet of black ice that I didn’t notice at first but slipped on a few times, nearly falling all the way down once.

I was debating whether or not to include the flower crown in my hairstyle because I feared there might have been too much going on. But I tried it and I loved it! It added just the right girlie touch to the outfit that completely tied it together. I also¬†experimented with a some liquid eyeliner that I found, but I’m not sure that I’m entirely convinced on the look of it, even though it was a fun difference to my usual style. My dress I have had for a while now but it shrunk in the dryer and so I can’t wear it in public now, so I at least thought it would be fun to use for a few still shots.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Dress | Kohl’s

Tights | Target

Heels | Payless

Flower Crown & Ring | Claire’s

Photography by Dan Clark




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