Outfit | Tea Time

Outfit | Tea Time

Vintage Modern Fashion

Vintage Modern

For the past few days I wasn’t feeling the best but thank goodness I am now recovering! This was one of my quick and easy go-to outfits that was really just a mix of several different clothing articles that I had acquired over the years. Between the elbow patches and the collar, this outfit makes me feel English for whatever reason, almost as if I am about to have tea. One of my favorite things about being friends with people that have my same fashion taste is sharing clothes. My friend Autumn and I will give each other the clothes that we either might not like anymore or perhaps don’t have enough room in our drawers for. We have a good system going. In fact, both my shirt and cardigan once belonged to her.


For my birthday last year, Autumn gifted me this beautiful bag that she purchased at a purse shop downstate. Now I use this cute little bag for everything and have it with me almost everywhere I go.


Women's Fashion

Vintage Fashion

Women's outfits

Women's Style

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Outfit

Skirt & Tights | Target

Shoes | Payless

Ring | Clair’s

Shirt | Target

Cardigan | TJ Maxx

Photography by Melissa Clark


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