Winter | The Essentials

Winter | The Essentials

“Oh, to wear a sweater with a good book in my hand; the dazzling world outside a winter wonderland.”a cup of tea

To survive the winters in Northern Michigan, it’s always good to have the essentials.

1. a cozy sweater

I always like to have several sweaters in my wardrobe on standby just in case. They are so many different varieties of sweaters, but my favorite are the large knitted ones.

2. a book

The book pictured here is a copy of “The Collected Poems of Sara Teasdale” from my local library. Whether it be a book of poems, a Jane Austen classic, or the latest sci-fi novel, I always like to have a book to read when the weather is dreary and one only wants to stay indoors.

3. a cup of tea

I go through different stages of liking tea off and on. But it’s always nice to have your cupboard stocked up on Peppermint tea to warm your heart in the midst of a bitter winter.


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